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The Physics Of Magnetic Field - 867 Words

When a wire with current flowing through it, is placed in a magnetic field a force is placed on the wire: this is the motor principle and this is the principle behind the loud speaker. Hello, My name is Michael Trevorrow and you will be learning about the loud speaker and electromagnetism. But first, if you want to understand the loud speaker you have to understand electromagnetism. Well electromagnetism is simply ‘the phenomenon of the interaction of electric currents or fields and magnetic fields’. This will become clearer later. All right the loud speaker we all know what they look like, but we don’t know how they work. When things shake or vibrate, they produce a sound. If a coil is wrapped around a magnet, the coil now becomes an†¦show more content†¦The formula for a solenoid is B=u0nl, where n is the number of coils and I is the current. Being able to show the strength, will show the loudness because the current flow alters the frequency and altering the current flow will make the solenoid field larger. Coils and changing direction A conductor, copper, is tightly wrapped around a magnet to make a magnetic field. But how does this create sound? The coil has a current flowing through it the coil moves and the polar orientation reverses. When this is reversed it allows the magnetic forces between the coil and this allows the coil to move up and down the magnet, which creates sound. The magnetic field can be increased by putting more coils around the magnetic which leads to larger sound. Current Current is the driving force which causes the diaphragm acceleration. Current is a flow of electricity which results from the ordered directional movement of electrically charged particles. In simple terms current is the flow of electricity throughout the coil. Current is how we can change the frequency or sound pitch of the speaker, by altering voltage it will change the current. Now we know what happens inside a speaker, lets have a look at the magnets involved. Electromagnet (coil Electromagnets An electro magnet is a type of magnet in which a magnetic field is created by a current, in our case of the

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African Americans During The Civil War - 1434 Words

Many African-Americans faced huge struggles years after the civil war. Their journey for racial equality began during the Reconstruction Era. The Civil War gave slaves freedom, a new set of huge challenges were put into play in the South. Under President Andrew Johnson, there were many new southern state legislatures that passed â€Å"black codes† to control most of the labor and behavior of the former slaves. Outrage in the North over these restrictive codes destroyed support for presidential reconstruction. There are many events, influential leaders, and court cases that created change in the sixties for African-Americans The United States officially ended slavery with the thirteenth amendment, which also abolished slavery. While free in post-civil war south, African-Americans were not treated any differently than when they were slaves. There was a variety of proposals that could grant freed African-Americans compensation. During the century following the end to slavery, African-Americans faced many barriers to political, social, and economic equality. In the south, so much animosity existed that confederate states had to divide into military districts. Free African-Americans were still subjugated by â€Å"Jim Crow Laws† which enforced racial segregation and placed African-American citizens to inferior schools and other public services. White Southerners moved quickly to take away the African-American people s newfound freedom. They wanted to return blacks to their prewar statusShow MoreRelatedAfrican Americans During The Civil War1211 Words   |  5 PagesAfter the Civil War, the United Stat es underwent a period of reconstruction. From the time of 1877 to 1890, the US economy grew exponentially, wealthy business owners like Rockefeller and Vanderbilt built American cities and railroads, and immigrants from all over the world flooded into the country. However, during this period America also faced great amount of poverty, terrible working conditions, mass political corruptions, and a destruction of civil rights for African Americans, women, and immigrantsRead MoreAfrican Americans During The Civil War844 Words   |  4 PagesOver the years, the African American race has greatly evolved from having a lack of individual freedom to having their own sense of individuality. There have been many different events in America that has played some part in the evolution of the black race. After the Civil War, most of the races in America were seen to have separate freedom, but as the years progress African Americans were one of the many to stand up and obtain their individualit y. In the process of obtaining individual freedomRead MoreAfrican Americans During The Civil War1423 Words   |  6 PagesAfrican Americans were a very important addition to the American Civil War such as fighting and spying for both the north and the south sides. The American Civil War was a war fought in the United States between the North and South states. The war was from 1861-1865 and was because the South wanted to establish itself as a separate nation. The northern states were called the Union and the southern states were called the Confederate. Between the north and south states were the Border States, whichRead MoreAfrican American During The Civil War1235 Words   |  5 Pages African Americans Suffered During the Civil War Allison Wessels English 11- Period 5 Mrs. Blomme March 11, 2016 African American Suffered During the Civil War Outline: Thesis Statement: African American soldiers fighting in the Civil War. Introduction Introduce main points State thesis statement History of slavery Life of an African American slave Treatment Living conditions Work responsibilities African American soldiers Treatment of African American soldiers vs.Read MoreAfrican Americans During The Civil War1170 Words   |  5 PagesIn 1865, when the civil war ended in America and slavery was abolished, the African American population in the South faced many challenges related to their new found freedom. Following the post-Civil War Reconstruction period, white supremacy resurfaced in the South (AE Television, 2015). Beginning in the early 1900s through 1970 there was a mass exodus of African American s from the South to the North in America. Although some African American s were known to have moved from the South as earlyRead MoreAfrican Americans During The Civil War995 Words   |  4 Pagesbefore the Civil War, so it was a constant battle between African Americans and Whites. Antebellum time period focus on the differences between people in the south and the north. People who wanted slavery to continue, because it was profitable and people who wanted it to end. More simply, whites in the sou th did not want slavery to end, because it was a business that allowed them to make money off of other people s labor. While people in the north were more open to allow African Americans have moreRead MoreAfrican Americans During The Civil War Essay1319 Words   |  6 Pagesamong young African American men with little schooling. Radical changes in crime control and sentencing polices led to an unprecedented buildup of the United States prison population over the last thirty years. African Americans comprise a disproportionate percentage of the individuals imprisoned in State correctional institutions across the United States. . There are 5 main reasons as to why African Americans repeatedly go to prison. These reasons are racial discrimination, the war on drugs, trafficRead MoreAfrican Americans During The Civil War2079 Words   |  9 PagesAfrican Americans in the Civil War Everyday, people wake up and take it for granted. Just the simple and small things in life, people don’t seem to really appreciate. They tend to be ungrateful for the things that have been basically given to them. Many people of today do not realize the severity of how hard it was to get to this point in history. African Americans have had to face very strenuous times in order to make this world a better place. African Americans faced difficult times during theRead MoreAfrican Americans During The Civil War Essay2121 Words   |  9 Pagesthe Civil War, dividing the North and the South over the issues of slavery. In the end of the Civil War, many individuals with every sense of positive intentions gave opportunities and support to freed slaves developing into beneficial members for the nation. The United States came together as a nation to solve the issues of slavery, freedom, and the reorganization problems particular to African Americans. It is seen throughout our history a ll efforts to solve these issues but sadly African AmericansRead MoreAfrican American Soldiers During The Civil War902 Words   |  4 PagesMcCurry English 10 10 April 2015 African American Soldiers African-Americans served in the Civil War on both the Union and Confederate sides. In the Union Army, over 179,000 African American men served in over 160 units. More served with both the Union and Confederate units. This includes both northern free African Americans and runaway slaves from the South who enlisted to fight. By 1865, the South allowed slaves to enlist, but very few actually did. During the Civil War, blacks were treated like trash

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Case Study Advanced Proffesional Development Education Essay Free Essays

string(246) " increased duty widen your calling way or entree new functions 2 \) Colleague Phase In this instance personal have to make or keep or develop his/her ego on foundation of proficient footing, self-dependent, growing in professional cognition etc\." Introduction: ~ In this assignment, we learn or build personal and professional accomplishments in order to run into both personal and administration to develop ends. To make the professional ends, each and every 1 must hold to such sort of believing thought on 4 i.e. We will write a custom essay sample on Case Study Advanced Proffesional Development Education Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now from entry phase to advisor phase. Every personal can hold to knowledge about their accomplishments through specific acquisition or understanding manner system. In order to develop our concern or turn up in market each and every person required personal accomplishment or specific cognition, for this a personal must hold to cognize about personal accomplishment audit. On the footing of public presentation on each and every one personale they purely develop a class system which is give to the them on the public presentation of executing the undertaking depend on this they must hold to give high degree to low degree of class which one write down in the study. Everyone can development program of personal and do his or her life traveling to easy. By this manner single acquire a path on his or her bearer and motivates to follow his/her personal program. 1.1a ) Explore the methods to make personal and professional accomplishments for both organizational and ain ends and aims. Personal accomplishments: Personal accomplishments to develop appropriate cognition or understanding through solutions or develop personal accomplishments. Personal accomplishments are develop in the manner of work experience, acquisition, avocations, utilizing new go outing engineering, invention, societal or other sort of life experience in the instance to run into his or her personal and organisation end. This can be travel for creativeness alteration. By developing the personal accomplishments they might be develop or advance new things and advanced designed methods. Like this such sort of extraordinary accomplishments are most for the calling end of an person. Depends on the single assorted engaged in new direction methods and open up proficient or commercial as good international accomplishments. On the research base of some of the basic personal accomplishments need to be develop single are: A ) Communication accomplishments Each and every one have to develop a communicating accomplishments like basic things reading, talking authorship and listening utilizing assorted sort of communications plans or engineering like newspapers, wireless, telecasting. Besides through such sort of non-verbal techniques like assorted books of different writers or any other survey books, or assorted societal or personal job work outing state of affairs. This can besides develop by utilizing cyberspace or assorted type of grammar trial as good. B ) Time direction accomplishments Time is so much of import things for any sort of individual to develop his or her life on the best manner to acquire good accomplishment in the life. An single must hold to developed clip direction accomplishments as similar subject and undertaking stopping point within clip period. The development of clip direction depends on the work completing procedure to take how long clip to run the procedure to on this footing they have to develop the direction of clip in specific clip period. This can be maintain and bettering by doing clip tabular array for peculiar undertaking or specific purpose to make the ends and run with this agenda within clip bound. Puting the precedences and scheduling them harmonizing to single ends. Individual must besides include all the sort of of import meeting and work for the house to develop and execute their undertaking and acquire relaxation so for each and every this things need to clip direction. ( Vas, 2004 ) C ) Teamwork accomplishments Teamwork accomplishment can be developing by each and every one person execute their work as a squad member. To make the any sort of job and have to work out this a member which work with squad for this fixing the undertaking has to work outing the job and to develop of work mark which one coating within the clip bound. So we can acquire good public presentation by working together and accomplish our ends. So we can make our any sort of our hard end as teamwork. D ) Stress direction accomplishments Stress can be developing by the instability or due to psychology force per unit area on head. An single must recognize emphasis i.e. short term or long term emphasis, impermanent emphasis, positive or negative emphasis, and severe or mild emphasis. For the solution or overcome of any sort of emphasis we have to acquire relax from work, develop the wont of exercising, reading, playing some games, societal support, and besides pull off the clip and agenda before start the undertaking. F ) General accomplishments Skill must be improved by an person from everyone ‘s past experience in instance of every bit good derive higher instruction and committedness towards work, societal life, assorted sort of cognition. Individual have to develop like this sort of general accomplishment to execute as a good mode and better public presentation. Measuring professional accomplishments This model is for professionals in wellness, societal attention, athletics and life sciences who wish to go on their professional development. The surveies are tailored to development demands assisting and advancement in calling. On the manner of Dalton and Thompson there are 4 phases to develop the professional accomplishments has to execute as below: 1 ) The Cardinal Phase In this phase an person foremost better or larn the profession of a new occupation within the administration. On base of cardinal an person learn how to follow his co-workers and acquire good cognition before larning how to take them and give best performance.A It is known as a kernel of the cardinal phase. Main of import things of this phase are the construction of administration, map and civilization. Cardinal things have to cognize about the creativeness and proposal. Make the cognition about the dependence move to independence and besides on on which manner is to be possible. Besides explore the personal/professional kineticss. ( Unknown, 2008 ) develop professional pattern addition increased duty widen your calling way or entree new functions 2 ) Colleague Phase In this instance personal have to make or keep or develop his/her ego on foundation of proficient footing, self-dependent, growing in professional cognition etc. So acquiring more and more cognition is to be more originative an single towards the administration. In this phase an single must develop: Any one country of experts or specialise. Build expertness in chosen countries He has to develop the features of a professional individual. Day by twenty-four hours increasing efficiency every bit good as effectivity. Besides portion the information with others and follows on it. 3 ) Counselor or determination Phase In this measure an person have to take a determination or be a counselor on the under working individual to hold know about his ability to work and assist him to be a professional and besides which run as a this duty to develop, organise and working as a squad leader to keep the administration. An person must hold to develop him/herself wholly in work outing the jobs. An person have to spread out his/her cognition for peculiar point and has to work out it. He has to develop the relationship between his/her training with mentoring. Besides has to derive publicities or better calling potency 4 ) Advisor Phase In this phase to develop the planning how to run the administration in the hereafter so we can acquire good consequence and so accomplish the end of administration. Besides this is a concluding measure of professional accomplishment development and plays a sterling function to develop administration in the hereafter with aid of personal thoughts and constructs or the specific cognition of the person. Individual must affect in strategic planning of the administration. Addition increased duties Besides each individual who work within the administration have to execute undertaking with extraordinary cognition or thoughts and besides has to take a hazard in the concern to develop good administration and do more net income in the hereafter. An person have to go a respective of all the people within the administration. ( Unknown, 2008 ) 1.1b ) Introduce the both of administration accomplishments on the manner to larn in future. By acquiring new and new to better the professional accomplishments an single must include wide scope of larning chances and experiences. Geting more cognition has to develop effectual thoughts are stated below: 1 ) Alumnus or Degree Courses Professionalism is must in every country of an single calling and acquire a good personality. In the alumnus class is the most of import thing to do personal ‘s hereafter in the instruction manner to develop his/her ego with doing best calling in peculiar graduation field. Now a twenty-four hours ‘s in new coevals develop a the beforehand degree class, in this instance the assorted type of surrogate option are available to make the classs in peculiar manner as like full clip class to go to the college or university and some sort of class we can make on our free clip base means portion clip classs 2 ) Internet Individual can besides larn and acquire assorted sort of more international cognition through cyberspace as this beginning. Through cyberspace system we can besides develop professionalism as there are besides on-line surveies or instance surveies which can associate to single profession. By this manner we get batch of cognition about our undertaking and besides tonss of information available even other undertaking ‘s every bit good so we can compare our ideas or undertakings with others make more effectual than other. Besides we get more thought about merchandise ‘s selling, finance, economic system. 3 ) Other Professional Societies and Associations After that acquiring a broad scope of experience on the base of workshops and seminars are been held by some administration to increase or derive form an single personality and professional facets. 4 ) Books and Diaries By this manner we get tonss of cognition related to our undertaking on assorted types oh thinks of tonss of writers and besides is a debonair manner to developing the professional. And for this we can utilize our montage ‘s book section as good assorted sort of cognition acquiring books to read. For this personale have to be a reading accomplishment so acquire immense sort of cognition about this type of beginnings like diary, books, newspapers etc. 5 ) Exhibition By this manner single acquire more pick for perform his peculiar field, related to professional pick to larn by detecting the new or similar merchandise or it ‘s characteristics or services from the rival. Attending exhibition of an peculiar things acquiring new thoughts from others knowledge by observation or besides by unwritten presentation given by others. By this manner we can easy acquire new thoughts or good cognition in our related field. An person can besides larn through work experience in his or her section by turn outing them with preparation. Training is most knowledge acquiring undertaking so by this manner we can easy larn such sort of new things. Training session helps to better: Personal thinks or cognition Duties towards the undertaking Behaviour of the personal Geting cognition about accomplishments and so give best public presentation towards the administration. All the above larning ways helps an person in many ways: We learn new things and believe every bit good alter the attitude of an single towards work and societal life and work on their emotions. After all addition cognition to growing as an person. By this manner they can motivated and larn new things and better their activities. Increase the self assurance due to self motive. ( Mittal, 2006 ) 1.2a ) On the base of personal accomplishments audit, happen out specific preferable acquisition manner, which chiefly base on the standard direction and leading: A personal accomplishments audit point of an single existing accomplishment against the accomplishments which an person demand both at the present clip being and in the close hereafter. It placing the accomplishments which include the single demand to transport out his/her bing work and besides develop a program, ant to better the accomplishments and acquiring cognition which needed for an personal to work on his hereafter work for end or calling. 1 ) Identifying bing accomplishments and cognition: In this first phase, where single return or show his/her personal accomplishment technique. After that on the base of his or her existing work an single can name down his/her personal accomplishments by the observation of his/her cognition of work every bit good single placing his/her cognition every bit good as bing accomplishments which one consider as an of import. Besides an single discovery out most utile accomplishments and new things on the base of cognition, such this sort of accomplishments an single must mention to his/her description. 2 ) Identifying future accomplishments and cognition Individual has to compose down those of import accomplishments and cognition which are utile in the hereafter program and cognition carry on for his/her best calling. So in this attention person has to must see to each and every one on wider the option and besides to take the best possible option to success on the manner for future. 3 ) Rating the ability of an person This phase is run after the done indentifying the exciting and future accomplishments by an person. In this instance an single spring rate to his or her on the base of current work ability by looking the option every bit good understanding clearly. This evaluation system can be follow by each and every one ‘s working accomplishments technique and methods of the work base to thing to make new something. There have 4 stairss to scale as follow: A ) Specific sort of certain accomplishment and cognition related survey. B ) On the base of high grade of accomplishment and cognition. None of the present accomplishments and the cognition. Create specific sort of cognition accomplishment and some guideline to utilize it. 4 ) Review the above ability evaluation After the ability of an single the following measure is to reexamine the ability evaluation of an person. It is run the footing of honesty feedback in the instance of wise man to give an single honest feedback about his or her work ability. Because of an person must hold to avoid attack with his/her co-worker as they can misdirect an person every bit good. For this of import undertaking, acquiring new things and positions toward determining their hereafter calling program. 5 ) Future development After acquiring cognition in different position of the undertaking an single must star working on his/her negative points or depressions nucleuss in order to develop accomplishments or cognition. Future development can be achieved by an single by self-motivating and concentrating on the coveted consequence. On the bases on new thing and thoughts we can develop a hereafter program. So let now we have to placing prefer larning manner which chiefly focus on the effectual accomplishment required for best direction and leading. There are three chief types of preferable larning manner they are: Listening Vision Past experience Learning through listening An person can larn the best through effectual hearing when there are group treatments held within the administration. They can be besides learn may of import things on the footing of naming carefully to their co-workers or supervisor or directors or trainer during the clip of seminars or exhibition. An person can besides larn many of import things if he/she listen carefully to their supervisor or co-workers during the clip of seminars or exhibition. ( ScholarshipNet.Info, 2004 ) Vision Vision is the best position of each and every one house to develop in the hereafter program is an of import things or measure for success. An single learns the best when the direction present informations in the written format or in the ocular format like a pie chart or flow diagram of the company. Besides can be present on the one of best ways company shows the projectors or power point slides. this will make the images of these slides in his or her thought can develop by the utilizing this slides or images. Learning from past experience This is chief of import manner to larning the undertaking on the base of his or her past experience. â€Å" Experience is the Best Teacher. † So an person can larn easy or though on T his/her past experience. So if they did any error in the yesteryear so they can to Learning from one ‘s experience helps an person to larn the most. 1.3a ) Produce a item about personal development program Personal development program helps an person to accomplish his/her ends as it helps to place the spread between the accomplishments which requires betterment by an person. While fixing the personal development program, an single work with his/her activities and schemes to run into his/her personal ends. Personal development program enable an person to concentrate on his/her work as it helps the person to be on the right path. I would wish to bring forth my personal development program of achieving Master of Business Administration ( MBA ) on the base of Pharmacy grade, non merely deriving this grade but maintaining in head the journey to accomplish this grade by acquiring the cognition by go throughing the assorted stages.. SWOT analysis for my personal development program My Strength As I am determined and focus with my ambitious and with my personal ends, I work hard with acquiring profoundly cognition of my personal field for non merely to accomplish the grade but besides to understand the constructs with clear positions so in the hereafter I can make something and achieve assorted sort of accomplishment. My Failing Continuous Self-motivation is required for executing the undertaking which I lack someplace. As good due to the high competition and recession, there is a deficiency of occupation security after finishing the class. As good uninterrupted working on perticular undertaking acquiring bored so to make something different so non finish peculiar undertaking on a regular basis sometimes. Menaces are ever seen as the hereafter is non certain. My chances I have an chance to turn out myself as a good director in selling of pharmaceutics field so run as a good employee in this field. After I am done with this class and besides have an chance to do my dreams into world. My Menaces Geting the grade without any restrain. Heavy competition for the freshman ‘s like me along with the universe ‘s recession. The followers are the chief aims of the below action program to get first Pharmacy grade and so MBA: The followers is the action program of my development program: Sr No. How to acquire Pharmacy degree No. Of semester Duration 1 Pharmacy grade 8 Semester 4 Old ages 2 PGDM ( Nine Modules ) 2 Semester 8 Calendar months 2 General MBA ( Six Modules ) 2 Semester 4 Calendar months 3 Specialization in Marketing 1 Semester 3 Calendar months 1.3b ) Provide grounds of any monitoring, feedback and accommodation made The followers are the grounds of feedback or monitoring taken from my seniors and wise mans for my accommodation of proper development in my personal field in order to acquire importance effectual results. I would wish to supervise the above personal development program by myself on the base of my personal calling program which how can develop or done my me every bit good making rest one can be done by doing a chart or graph so can be easy larn or understand towards my existent mark of my advancement. In extra to this, I must portion my personal development program with my coach and senior pupils who are echt that will give me an chance to acquire some feedback from them and accommodation will be made harmonizing to their feedback. Involving other ‘s for monitoring and taking feedback from them serves to be a good thought so that I can maintain a path of my advancement. Besides I should near those people who are a good hearer and who can easy cognize or understand my undertaking, who can help or steer my program and my advancement towards my end. Once the positions are being taken from the people who are extremely qualified with good work experience and those holding good cognition, accommodations will be made after I understand their positions wholly. I should be taking clip to look at my personal development program so that I can do accommodation like activities to call off or rescheduled or besides can do usage of the new chance toward our end which can assist me to acquire nigher to my personal ends. 1.3c ) Evaluate and reexamine the effectivity and impact of your acquisition When I will acquiring the my professional direction grade so I will travel to the market in the practical field in the peculiar house for this intent I have to keep my direction profession, direction accomplishments and besides concern be aftering around the market universe for accomplishing end. My direction plan will traveling to assist me in my professional filed to develop my communicating accomplishment, pllanig of undertaking to give best cognition accomplishment about that. As good i caring pharmaceutics grade besides add on MBA grade with in marketing field to give me best hereafter in my profession. Directors have to make peculiar direction accomplishment or programme to develop house in the successfully manner in this concern universe. This class besides give cognition about higher concern believing will give more challenging. This class will assist me lot by developing strategic direction cognition and competency in job resolution accomplishments, assorted sort of medical specialty publish and acquire good effectivity. Conclusion – presents in this competition universe each and every company need good and best cognition acquiring employee to hold capableness Tis give new manner to house and company should acquire best accomplishment. As good single has to reed or take a personal accomplishment audit in specific clip period to give best public presentation. Professional accomplishment holding in the individual is really of import in each and every field to come on in the life every bit good for company besides acquire good popularity and net income with it. Who do n’t hold skill about the concern or any sort he or she ca n’t be stand in this fast path good communicating universe. In the universe professionally development is really of import for single for develop himself and acquiring great accomplishment in life. How to cite Case Study Advanced Proffesional Development Education Essay, Free Case study samples

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Market Conceptual Methodological Foundation -Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Market Conceptual Methodological Foundation? Answer: Introduction The discussion of the following paper is to get a proper picture of the marketing strategies of the ebikes in the modern context. The ebikes or the electric bikes have become a sensation in the contemporary era. This is why all the motor vehicle manufacturing companies are eyeing the production of the ebikes positively (Fyhri Fearnley, 2015). It can be said that the modern era is the age of technology. This is why the young generation is inclined towards the use of the electric bikes indeed. Some significant advantages of using the ebikes have been seen as well. Reef Bikes Reef Bikes is considered to be one of the most important electric bikes manufacturers in Australia (, 2018). They are one of the most important and leading manufacturers of the electric bicycles in the country. The organization was set up in the year 2005. They have been serving the customers ever since and providing them with the best products for their use for various purposes (, 2018). They have pioneered the invisiTRON technology that has catered to the needs of the many customers indeed. Their products have served the best for the customers in various areas. They have developed the designs of the Road Bikes, Folded Electric Bikes and Tricycles Prodeco Tech Prodeco Tech is one of the leading manufacturers of the ebikes in USA. They have been successful in gaining the ebikes market in the country for a long time now (, 2018). The organization was set up in the year 2007. Market Opportunities It is essential for both the companies to adopt some strategies by which they can do their marketing. As their aim to gain the competitive advantage over their rivals in the country and expand in the foreign countries as well, they will look to capture the European market mainly to grab the customers of that continent (Berthon et al., 2012). They are looking to grab the markets of some parts of Europe like Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and some other countries. It is a common fact that this product is a complete durable product indeed. This will be helpful for all the customers as it will run for a longer time. The introduction of this product will be helpful for all the customers indeed (Berthon et al., 2012). Market segmentation Both the companies of Reef Bikes and Prodeco Tech will be eyeing to set their target markets in a way that all groups of people irrespective of their age and financial background will be able to take the benefit of using the e-bikes. The target groups of the companies can be divided according to the psychographic, geographic and demographic segments (Wedel Kamakura, 2012). The companies should put the more priority on the rural areas where electricity is very much costly. The company can provide the customers the ebikes at low cost to gain more customers. They can provide the ebikes in installments. In terms of demographic segmentation, the target age group will be 18 to 65. In terms of geographic segmentation, developed countries will be targeted in the initial stages followed by the developing countries. Regarding the psychographic segmentation, customers inclined towards fitness regime along with sustainable development will be targeted. Market diversification This product should be developed in a cost-effective manner so that everyone can purchase it (Baker, 2014) If they keep the prices down, the customers from all the financial backgrounds will be able to buy it. Positioning and market fit requirements Target customers The target customers for both the companies are broad and extensive. Target customers are segmented across different income groups and age groups. Customers from the bottom of the pyramid are looking for the cheaper alternative for transportation and customers from the top of the pyramid are looking for fitness alternative and sustainable development (Loveridge Mok 2012). Moreover, customers are also geographically targeted, which helps both the companies to have their more full market reach in different locations. Marketing mix The free electricity bikes are very much environment-friendly and customer friendly as well (Prist et al., 2016). The product is very much cost effective (Gordon, 2012). Price The price of the products should be kept between AUD 1400 to AUD 2000. The companies can offer various financial schemes for the customers like several business schemes (Gordon, 2012). They should provide the vehicles at low EMI rates. Promotion Social media marketing will be beneficial for both the organizations. This is due to the reason that, social media marketing will help in effectively determining the market tren and requirement along with generating positive word of mouth (Moshrefjavadi et al., 2012). Celebrity endorsements will be the other useful promotional tools. It will help in reach out to more number of customers leveraging the star power (Gordon, 2012). Apart from the social media, TVC and print media can also be initiated due to their higher market penetration. They should encourage the use of the con friendly energy like tidal power and solar energy (Gordon, 2012). Place The companies should sell the ebikes from several outlets across the country (Khan, 2014). The regional outlets should be opened by the companies to sell the products to support the brand extension methods. Consumption and purchasing patterns The primary target audience of the ebikes should be the young people as they are very fond of making the adventures (Wedel Kamakura, 2012). The young boys should be their chief target market. The income levels of the target market should be the people from the lower and middle-income levels. Thus all the people should be able to afford these products of electricity free ebikes. The technological facilities like several electronic gadgets within the target countries should be utilized by all the companies effectively (Wedel Kamakura, 2012). The young people and young boys mean the age group from 18 to 30 years of age. Cross national segments The trans-national segments meaning the market segments that are spread across all over the world. These are opposite to the cross-national segments will have to be found out through a proper survey indeed. The customers will have to be divided according to their nationalities. Thus the companies will be able to provide the best services according to the demands of the customers (Hassan Craft, 2012). As the German and French people are very fond of stylish products, they will provide the ebikes with style. The British people prefer elegance so the ebikes supplied to these companies will be full of elegant looks. The other countries they can focus on are Germany, Belgium and Netherlands. Universal segmentation The universal target segmentation for the ebikes will focus on the improvement of the rural areas of the target countries. Ebikes are very important and beneficial for the economically backward people since those bikes will cater to get all the household materials (Hassan Craft, 2012). There are some specific purposes for the diverse people from diverse financial backgrounds. The rural people who do not have the necessary electricity facilities can use the free electricity bikes properly indeed. The people from the higher economic backgrounds can opt for those ebikes for the fitness issues. Customer value proposition Determination of the customer value proposition involves a few steps. The first step is the analyzing the need of the customers and the value being offered. It is vital for both the organizations to identify the gap between the requirements of the customers and value of the products being offered. The next step is to design the value proposition by the change in the market requirements to efficiently fulfil the customer expectations. The next step involves the adaption of the stated value proposition in the organizational culture of the company. The organizational strategy and culture should be integrated in such way that it can adapt to the frequent change in the market scenario. The next step involves both the organizations implementing efficient and proper communication channels to communicate the value propositions to the customers. Social media market will be beneficial in this step. The last level is the review. It is essential due to the reason that it will help in identifying the issues with the current propositions and rectify those accordingly. User experience The user experience is a precious thing in the sales quantity for the ebikes that the two companies sell (Fyhri Fearnley, 2015). The users or the customers bear a good impression on the products. They can show it off to their neighbours as well. If they are satisfied with the quality of the products, they might recommend it to their friends as well. Thus the sales will increase (Fyhri Fearnley, 2015). Global consumer culture positioning The global customers will want the better branding of the ebikes from both the companies. Reef Bikes will try to provide the best quality products for the global consumers. They would be able to offer the online services for the global customers. They can opt for free shipping of the products (Hassan Craft, 2012). Local consumer culture positioning The local customers will have to be provided the best services indeed. The local customers can buy the products from different outlets of the companies. In this context, the companies will deliver the products to the customers within a proper time. Thus the brand value of the companies will undoubtedly increase (Huang Sarigll, 2014). Market entry The continent of Europe has always been full of technological innovations around the globe (Schuster Holtbrgge, 2012). This is why they have aimed for the European countries. It is recommended that joint venture should be initiated by both the companies. This is due to the reason that, initiation of the joint venture will help in reducing the risk of entering in foreign countries along with the reducing the rate of investment in the foreign countries. A joint venture will help these companies in forming strategic alliances with any domestic partners in the host country. This will assist them in efficiently determining the local market requirements and offering the products accordingly. Also, presence of the local partners also reduces the number of investments. Brand Positioning These e-bikes will be positioned as a cheaper and pollution free mode of transport over the conventional ones (Huang Sarigll, 2014). Though, the initial cost of the e-bikes will be higher compared to the traditional mode of transports. However, the operating cost will be much lower along with having smaller or zero emission. These will be positioned as more sustainable options over others available substitutes (Schuster Holtbrgge, 2012). The key selling propositions for these e-bikes will be the environment friendliness and zero emission. In the current scenario, these propositions will be more efficient due to the recent issue of environmental degradation. The different market strategy theories can be helped by the Conclusion This paper can be concluded by saying ebikes is one of the most prolific innovations in the modern era. The customers have become the frenzy of possessing the ebikes. The target market of the ebikes manufacturing countries is the young generation. This is why the companies are keen on providing the customers with the best ebikes products. They are very conscious of meeting the requirements of the customers properly. These are the reasons the companies are focusing on making the ebikes become a common thing in every house, References Allen, G., Dar, A. (2013). Foreign direct investment. House of Commons Library Standard Note SN/EP/1828. www. parliament. uk/briefing-papers/sn01828. pdf (accessed July 4, 2013). Baker, M. J. (2014). Marketing strategy and management. Palgrave Macmillan. Berthon, P. R., Pitt, L. F., Plangger, K., Shapiro, D. (2012). 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Springer, New York, NY. (2018). Retrieved 8 February 2018, from Khan, M. T. (2014). The concept of'marketing mix'and its elements (a conceptual review paper). International journal of information, business and management, 6(2), 95. Kiel, I. H. (2014). Entrepreneurial marketing. Loose, S. M., Lockshin, L. (2013). Testing the robustness of best-worst scaling for cross-national segmentation with different numbers of choice sets. Food Quality and Preference, 27(2), 230-242. Loveridge, R., Mok, A. L. (2012). Theories of labour market segmentation: a critique. Springer Science Business Media. Moshrefjavadi, M. H., Dolatabadi, H. R., Nourbakhsh, M., Poursaeedi, A., Asadollahi, A. (2012). An analysis of factors affecting on online shopping behavior of consumers. International Journal of Marketing Studies, 4(5), 81. (2018). Shop Electric Bikes - e-Bikes - 2 Year Warranty - Free Shipping. [online] ProdecoTech Electric Bikes. Available at: [Accessed 4 Feb. 2018]. (2018). Electric Bikes by REEF - Australia`s Best Electric Bicycles. [online] Available at: [Accessed 4 Feb. 2018]. Schuster, T., Holtbrgge, D. (2012). Market entry of multinational companies in markets at the bottom of the pyramid: A learning perspective. International Business Review, 21(5), 817-830. Tuten, T. L., Solomon, M. R. (2017). Social media marketing. Sage. Wedel, M., Kamakura, W. A. (2012). Market segmentation: Conceptual and methodological foundations (Vol. 8). Springer Science Business Media. Prist, M., Freddi, A., Longhi, S., Monteri, A., Antonini, P. (2016, June). Wireless sensor network based management system for electric bicycle-sharing. InEnvironment and Electrical Engineering (EEEIC), 2016 IEEE 16th International Conference on(pp. 1-6). IEEE.

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Affirmative Action - History Essays - Social Inequality,

Affirmative Action - History Affirmative Action is defined by Webster's New World College Dictionary as " a policy or program for correcting the effects of discrimination in the employment or education of members of certain groups." The phrase "affirmative action" was coined by President John F. Kennedy in 1961 when he issued Executive Order 10925, initiating the President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity. In 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson issued Executive Order 11246. This order required federal contractors to take "affirmative action" to increase the number of minorities that they employed. Thus affirmative action was born. However, when Kennedy and Johnson established affirmative action, they did not intend for it to have the perverted and distorted effect that it currently has today. Such perversions and distortions include the hiring of unqualified workers, the causing of problems for groups it originally set out to help, and reverse discrimination that results in unfair standards into higher education and the work force. The practice of affirmative action must be stopped. The main argument for affirmative action is that it creates equal opportunity for people in the work force and for students seeking admission into higher education. However, this is not a valid point. While affirmative action creates equal opportunity for some individuals, it discriminates against others, primarily white males. Therefore, affirmative action uses reverse discrimination to solve the problem of discrimination. Do two wrongs make a right? The answer is no. The first reason affirmative action should be stopped is that employees often are hired that are not qualified to execute their jobs effectively. Many times employers are forced to find the best minority, rather than the person most qualified for the job. For example, a policy was adopted by Duke University in 1993 that required each department at the university to hire at least one new African-American for a faculty position (Pasour). However, various surveys and estimates show that less than 4,000 blacks receive Ph.D.s in the United States. This is less than two black Ph.D.s for every American college or university (Sowell). Therefore, Duke University's policy would force them to hire faculty that are not as qualified, due to a shortage of black Ph.D.s, as their white counterparts. The hiring of unskilled workers is also detrimental to businesses as well. The primary purpose of a business is to make money for the employer, as well as the employees. The hiring of unqualified employe es is harmful to the business's production. When employees cannot perform their specific tasks, it often leads to error, which costs the company time and money. If the business is continually paying for worker error, its profits will decrease, producing a decrease in employee pay. Many times companies are forced to hire unqualified individuals because of quotas. Often when a business's quota is not filled it is forced to conceive unnecessary jobs for minorities, which is also decreases a company's profit. Incapable employees are a detriment to worker unity as well. If an employee is not as qualified as his or her co-worker, it may create tension and frustration between them, in turn creating another complication.. The second reason it is imperative to abolish the practice of affirmative action is that it often initiates problems for the minorities it originally intended to help. This is apparent in the work place as well as in colleges and universities. The first problem affirmative action establishes for minorities is that it places a stigma on groups who benefit from affirmative action, especially those who actually earn their position because they are qualified for it. Consider an employer who hires a member of a minority group on the basis of merit alone. Many employees automatically assume that the individual's appointment resulted from affirmative action. Thus, any employee who does benefit from affirmative action bears the brand of "not being the best pick, but only the best pick from a limited group (Pasour)." The second problem it creates for minorities in the workplace is the loss of spirit and vitality for their jobs. If workers feel that the sole reason they are employed is to fill a quota, they may lack pride in their jobs, which in turn hinders their performance. In addition, minorities's problems due to

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History of Ethics Violations in Congress

History of Ethics Violations in Congress Back-to-back charges against two veteran members of Congress in the summer of 2010 cast an unflattering light on the Washington establishment and its historic inability to mete out justice among members who stray beyond ethical boundaries they helped to draw. In July of 2010, the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct charged U.S. Representative. Charles B. Rangel, a Democrat from New York, with 13 violations, including failing to pay taxes on rental income he received from his villa in the Dominican Republic. Also in that year, the Office of Congressional Ethics charged U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, a Democrat from California, with allegedly using her office to provide assistance to a bank in which her husband owned stock to ask for federal government bailout money. The potential for highly publicized trials in both cases raised the question: How often has Congress expelled one its own? The answer is–not very. Types of Punishment There are several major types of punishment members of Congress can face: Expulsion   The most serious of penalties is provided for in Article I, Section 5 of the U.S. Constitution, which states that each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member. Such moves are considered matters of self-protection of the integrity of the institution. Censure A less severe form of discipline, censure does not remove representatives or senators from office. Instead, it is a formal statement of disapproval that can have a powerful psychological effect on a member and his relationships. The House, for example, requires members being censured to stand at the well of the chamber to receive a verbal rebuke and reading of the censure resolution by the Speaker of the House. Reprimand   Used by the House, a reprimand is considered a lesser level of disapproval of the conduct of a member than that of a censure, and is thus a less severe rebuke by the institution. A resolution of reprimand, unlike a censure, is adopted by a vote of the House with the member standing in his place, according to House rules. Suspension Suspensions involve a prohibition on a member of the House from voting on or working on legislative or representational matters for a particular time. But according to congressional records, the House has in recent years questioned its authority to disqualify or mandatorily suspend a member. History of House Expulsions Only five members have been expelled in the history of the House, the most recent being U.S. Representative James A. Traficant Jr. of Ohio, in July of 2002. The House expelled Traficant after he was convicted of receiving favors, gifts, and money in return for performing official acts on behalf of the donors, as well as getting salary kickbacks from staff. The only other House member to be expelled in modern history is U.S. Rep. Michael J. Myers of Pennsylvania. Myers was expelled in October of 1980 following a bribery conviction for accepting money in return for his  promise to use influence in immigration matters in the so-called ABSCAM sting operation run by the FBI. The remaining three members were expelled for disloyalty to the union by taking up arms for the Confederacy against the United States in the Civil War. History of Senate Expulsions Since 1789, the Senate has expelled only 15 of its members, 14 of which had been charged with support of the Confederacy during the Civil War. The only other U.S. senator to be kicked out of the chamber was William Blount of Tennessee in 1797 for anti-Spanish conspiracy and treason. In several other cases, the Senate considered expulsion proceedings but either found the member not guilty or failed to act before the member left office. In those cases, corruption was the primary cause of complaint, according to Senate records. For example, U.S. Sen. Robert W. Packwood of Oregon was charged with the Senate ethics committee with Sexual misconduct and abuse of power in 1995. The Committee on Ethics recommended that Packwood be expelled for abuse of his power as a senator by repeatedly committing sexual misconduct and by engaging in a deliberate ... plan to enhance his personal financial position by seeking favors from persons who had a particular interest in legislation or issues that he could influence. Packwood resigned, however, before the Senate could expel him. In 1982, U.S. Sen. Harrison A. Williams Jr. of New Jersey was charged by the Senate ethics committee with ethically repugnant conduct in the ABSCAM scandal, for which he was convicted of conspiracy, bribery, and conflict of interest. He, too, resigned before the Senate could act on his punishment.

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Plato - Apology (Five Dialogues) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Plato - Apology (Five Dialogues) - Essay Example Therefore, the form is not a mere idea of roundness in the mind. It exists independently from the basketball and individual thinking of it. It then follows that all round objects, including basketball, copy or participates in this form of roundness. To enhance our understanding of the difference between the properties of forms and those of material objects, there is need to examine the first two properties of forms. Forms are transcendent, that is, they do not exist in time and space. However, a material object, like a basketball, exists in time and space. The roundness of a form does not exist at any particular time or place, thus forms subsist in different ways. This is important as it explains the unchanging property of forms. The roundness property of a basketball will never change: it remains the same at all places and times of instantiation. The form of roundness in present in many spatial locations, and the property or roundness would remain even after the destruction of all r ound objects (192). The second property of forms is purity. Any material object, like a basketball, has various properties: elasticity, roundness, and others, which combine to make the individual basketball. A form is one of the many properties, existing individually apart from time and space. Roundness is purely roundness, without any mixture of properties. The differentiation factors between forms and material objects are pure and transcendent properties, as materials incorporate complex conglomeration of properties in time and space. According to Plato’s principle, humans believe that the reality of a thing dependents on its objectivity. This is because humans tend to distinguish reality and appearance. However, forms are more objective than material objectives, thus forms are more real than the material objects. One of the properties of the soul is eternity. Drawing from the unchanging property of forms, then it means that the soul never dies, nor does it ever begin. It t hen follows that the soul is immortal, and thus exists before and after the â€Å"birth† of the body. Question Two In the Apology, there are four charges against Socrates. First, Socrates faces accusation for studying things in the heavens and below the earth. Second, he tends to make the worst arguments into better arguments, thus persuading others to follow him and his beliefs. Third, he is guilty of corrupting young people, and fourth, he does not believe in the gods of the city. The charge against studying matters of the skies and the ground below contradicts Socrates position as an atheist. Matters of heavens and beneath the earth primarily focus on religious belief of individuals and the gods, thus countering Socrates’ position as an atheist. The basic definition of atheism is the lack of belief in deities. It thus follows that the first charge against Socrates contradicts his position as an atheist. The charge that Socrates turns the worst arguments into stronge r arguments identifies him with the Sophists. Sophists were a group of people with techniques of persuasion that enabled them to influence people to adopt their beliefs and points of view, despite their ignorance on the subject matter of the topic. Athenians accused Socrates of being a Sophist. The charges against corrupting the youth came from Meletus. According to him, Socrates was responsible for corrupting the minds of the youth in Athens.